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Our team are social impact and community engagement specialists who are able to assist clients by building and maintaining trust with communities and stakeholders.

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Element uses its social impact assessment and engagement expertise to minimise social impacts and create positive community and stakeholder relationships. We adopt a rigorous approach when working on projects by creating a social licence to operate from project inception to approvals, construction and operation. Our SIA and engagement team efficiently reduces social impacts that can threaten the viability of complex projects, and ultimately the reputation of our clients.

Social team
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Adrian Miller
Senior Engagement and Social Consultant
Contact Adrian Miller for new enquiries
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Claudia Farrar
Senior Engagement and Social Consultant
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Joshua Moses
Engagement and Social Consultant
Engagement and Social Sustainability

Our engagement and social sustainability work is a significant part of our service offering, identifying problems and opportunities early on so that big problems aren’t overlooked. We craft mitigating strategies at the onset to avoid headaches later down the process. 

We build trust with you through a highly collaborative approach that helps significantly enhance community support for your project (now and in the future) with open and honest communication at the core. 

We engage the community with you, alleviating concerns and creating understanding of the benefits of the project, as well as addressing the issues. Element bring the community on a journey with you. 

It’s our job to identify and listen to the impact your project has on the community and sustainability of an area, and support all parties through effective communication and trust building to minimise legal risk, community upset, environmental detriment and ongoing timeframes. 


Our services.

Social impact assessment

  • Social impact studies and assessment
  • Social license and perception assessment
  • Community profiling and baseline studies
  • Social impact planning and implementation for projects
  • PESTD analysis
  • Cross-functional environmental and social sustainability solutions

Stakeholder and community engagement

  • Program and project support
  • Stakeholder mapping and analysis
  • Community groups and programs
  • Customer feedback
  • Issues and crisis communications
  • Transformation and change programs
  • Capital works, asset renewals, infrastructure, land, water and environmental management, health, education, customer service, utilities, renewable technology, digital and I.T, telecommunications, transport, defence

Executive coordination & corporate communications

  • Internal communications
  • Engagement channels
  • Intranets
  • Strategic business realignment programs
  • Executive / board / shareholders
  • Corporate governance
  • Strategy
  • Briefings, reports, annual reports, other 
  • Policy

Government and customer relations

  • Response to enquiries, complaints, other
  • Customer relationships management system & guidelines
  • Tool kits

Public affairs / media

  • Media relations, releases and legislative briefs
  • Proactive and reactive media management
  • Support programs and projects

Digital marketing and advertising

  • Website build and management
  • Advertising and promotions
  • Branding and style guides
  • Market Research
  • Photography and videography
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Social engagement services

What we do.

 Capability-Statements SVGs social-icons-01
Identify social impacts

requires skill and understanding of both theory and social science practitioners in solving and mitigating social answers.

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Facilitate conversations

reduces the gap between information, knowledge, sharing experiences to improve community outcomes and manage project issues and objectives.

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Build support for projects

through respectful, timely and consistent engagement is increasingly required and valued by business and government to add credibility to community outcomes.

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Deliver social outcomes

which enhance reputations of our clients and their partners.

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Consult and collaborate

requires an equal and open collaboration with communities to design social solutions.

Download our Social Capability Statement
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element’s projects

View our recent social projects.

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