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About Element.

Element is a trusted environmental, planning and social sustainability consultancy. Our approach is underpinned by our commitment to wellbeing – of our people, planet, communities and clients.

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Established in 2013, Element has a proud history of delivering quality projects for private and public sector clients. Our services are grounded in integrity and authenticity with a customer focused approach every time. Our reputation is founded on our collaborative approach, solutions-focused advice and attention to quality.

Our story.

Element was born from the dream of a truly flexible, collaborative environmental, planning and social consulting business with trust as its foundation and wellbeing and integrity its core values.

Our goal at Element is to create an experience for our people and clients that they can't get anywhere else. We call this the 'Element Experience', providing solutions-focused expert advice and solving problems with our clients in a truly collaborative way.  

We work with government and private sector clients across:

  • transport
  • utilities
  • waste and recycling
  • industrial
  • renewables
  • resources
  • residential, and
  • government

to deliver solutions for complex projects and communities.


Our expertise includes:

Environment – environmental impact assessment, management and compliance

Planning – statutory and strategic planning and urban design

Social - Social impact assessments, community and stakeholder engagement 

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Our purpose.

Delivering sustainable and resilient development solutions.

Our vision.

To invest $1,000,000 a year in our people and the community to positively influence others.

Our mission.

To be the go-to consultancy to deliver innovative environmental, planning and social solutions for complex projects. 


Our values.

Are the core of everything we do and guide us through the Element journey both internally and with our clients.


We encourage our people to develop healthy daily habits to reach better physical and mental health outcomes, so that instead of just surviving, we’re thriving. The primary guidance for all our decisions and actions is for the physical and mental welfare of our people, our planet, our communities and our clients.


Adopting a truly flexible work model, since our inception in 2013, our business is founded on trust of our people and we pride ourselves on integrity. We deliver on commitments, and strive for excellence. We conduct all our business in a professional manner while providing bold and expert advice.

Collaborate / Innovate / Solve

Our guiding principles.

Are moral values that set a standard for our behaviour and attitude to each other and our clients. 

Trust, Honesty and Respect.

Our business is founded on trust, we are transparent, address issues immediately, tell it like it is and we treat our people and clients with respect and fairness, valuing diversity and inclusion.

Health, Safety and Family-first.

We care about our people’s wellbeing, health and safety and put family first through our truly flexible working model.

Grow, Learn and Teach.

We foster a growth mindset, challenge the norm and embrace continuous learning and teaching.

Teamwork and Positivity.

Teamwork is fundamental and we believe positive energy is contagious when collaborating with colleagues and clients.  We believe our people achieve more together and our people love to see each other succeed. Just ask our Element team.

Ecstatic Clients.

We accept nothing less than ecstatic clients, aim to be the go-to consultancy and be the easiest people to work with.

Element Excellence.

We always strive for excellence and provide solutions to problems. We conduct all our business in a professional manner to achieve great outcomes for our people, our clients and our communities.

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