Project Details

Holcim propose to meet part of the increased forecast demand in natural sand in the Hunter region and beyond by maximising the extraction of the remaining sand resource from their existing Salt Ash sand quarry.

Element Engagement

Element lead the State significant development (SSD) application, which is being assessed by the Department of Planning and Environment. Element’s engagement includes:

  • Project management of the SSD application including 12 technical studies
  • Preparing the scoping report to obtain Secretary’s environmental assessment requirements
  • Preparing the Environmental Impact Statement
  • Preparing the Social Impact Assessment
  • Preparing the response to submissions
  • Government agency and community consultation

Project Achievements

Managing 12 independent technical studies for a complex project requires exceptional project management skills, a thorough understanding of all technical disciplines and a knowledge of relevant legislation and guidelines. Element leveraged our decades of experience managing complex State significant extractives and mining projects to scope and manage these 12 technical studies and engage with the relevant government agencies to test the outcomes of these studies and guide their refinement.    

"It has been wonderful working with the Element team on a complex impact assessment for industrial use. In complex projects, with multidisciplinary teams, it's important to have both an eye on the strategy, and on the granular, specific details of the project. Nev, Luke and the team were across all these components, successfully delivering an impact assessment for the regulator’s consideration – Thank you Element!" 

- Lisa Honan, Project Director, NSW Special Projects (Holcim)