Project Details

Marulan South limestone mine is the largest and oldest limestone mine in Australia and the second largest in the southern hemisphere. The project involved gaining State significant development consent for the continued operation of the mine for the next 30 years. The mine provides limestone for the manufacture of 60% of the cement used in NSW and is therefore a critical operation to the NSW economy.

Element Engagement

Element’s engagement included:

  • Project management of the SSD application process and 13 technical studies
  • Preparation of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
  • Preparation of the Social Impact Assessment (SIA)
  • Preparation of the EPBC Referral and management of the Commonwealth approval process
  • Preparation of the Response to Submissions Report
  • Preparation of the environmental management plans required by conditions of consent

Project Achievements

Element received feedback from the Department of Planning and Environment that the social impact assessment prepared by Element was one of the best they had seen.

Element developed a polycentric decision making approach for this complex project to assign and justify the weighting applied to the level of risk associated with each environmental matter assessed in the EIS.  

"Element prepared a major EIS for us. They are absolutely thorough, have a great attention to detail and left no stone unturned, did a great job!" - Les Longhurts, Program Manager, Boral