Project Details

Holcim engaged Element to provide planning advice for proposed future developments and operations across a variety of their NSW sites.  

Element Engagement

Element offers comprehensive and timely planning advice for various industrial activities and developments specific to Holcim's operations across NSW. While the projects and tasks may vary from one site to another, Element generally follows these steps: 

  • Examining the applicable planning controls and environmental constraints for the site 
  • Reviewing the existing site operations and development approvals 
  • Considering proposed works and soliciting input from Holcim when necessary 
  • Evaluating planning approval pathways and processes, including application requirements and checklists 
  • Preparing detailed planning advice to support Holcim's proposed development

Holcim relies on the advice provided by Element to inform the design and location of proposed developments and determine the most appropriate planning approval pathway for the proposal.

Project Achievements

Element has provided Holcim with comprehensive planning advice on multiple occasions, aiding in the development of various industrial sites across NSW, including recommendations on the most appropriate approval pathways to take for each project.  

Our expertise in exempt and complying development has enabled Holcim to fast track some of their low impact proposals, saving the client time and money. Element has also developed an Education Program on Exempt and Complying Development, to educate Holcim’s asset and property teams about the benefits and processes of obtaining faster approvals.