Project Details

The Edgecliff Commercial Centre is in the eastern suburbs of Sydney within the Woollahra LGA. The Edgecliff Commercial Centre Planning and Urban Design Strategy and the Edgecliff Commercial Centre Public Domain Plan (ECC PD Plan) aim to guide the growth and development of the Edgecliff Commercial Centre. Following feedback from the public exhibition, Woollahra Municipal Council engaged Element to prepare a new section in the ECC PD Plan for the New McLean Street Precinct.  

Element Engagement

Element was engaged by Council to provide urban design services and prepare a public domain plan for the New McLean Street Precinct, including: 

  • a description of the existing and desired future character, 
  • opportunities and constraints plans, 
  • a concept plan, and 
  • recommendations for design interventions to improve the quality of the public domain.  

The Plan will be used by Council and developers to align growth with investments in public domain improvements for the Edgecliff Commercial Centre.  

Project Achievements

The Edgecliff Commercial Centre Public Domain Plan was endorsed by Council in April 2024.