Project Details

The Stockinbingal to Parkes (S2P) project will enhance the existing Main South rail corridor between Stockinbingal and Parkes. The route passes through the Stockinbingal town centre in central south regional NSW and travels north through central regional NSW until it reaches Parkes, where it intersects with the ARTC east – west route.

The enhancement works include modifications to, construction of, or removal of, various structural and track assets along the alignment at discrete worksites. The worksites within the project include one track lowering site, one bridge replacement site and the construction of one new passing loop. All worksites are in or around the town of Forbes.

Element Engagement

Element’s engagement included:

  • Project management of the environmental assessment process and technical studies
  • Preparation of the Review of Environmental Factors (REF)
  • Provision of environmental approvals, assessment and management advice

Project Achievements

Element worked closely with the project team early in the project definition to understand the full extent of the construction disturbance footprint and construction methodology. This allowed the scope of the technical studies and the REF to be accurately defined early ensuring the technical studies and REF were completed first time without multiple revisions and associated program and budget implications.

"Element Environment Pty Ltd provided a high level of environmental assessment and management services and I would highly recommend them." - Michele Nettlefold, Environment Planning Manager (Major Construction Projects) Australian Rail Track Corporation