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Medium-Density Housing as Complying Development Training

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Medium-Density Housing as Complying Development Training

In November 2023, the Minns Government announced changes to the NSW planning system to fast-track a greater diversity of homes such as residential flat buildings of 3 to 6 storeys, terraces, townhouses, duplexes and smaller 1-storey to 2-storey apartment blocks in suburbs where they are not currently allowed. The proposed changes, now on exhibition, seek to:  

  • Allow dual occupancies (two separate homes on a single lot), such as duplexes, in all R2 low density residential zones across all of NSW.
  • Allow terraces, townhouses and 2 storey apartment blocks near transport hubs and town centres in R2 low density residential zones across the Greater Sydney region, Hunter, Central Coast and Illawarra Shoalhaven (Six Cities Region).
  • Allow mid-rise apartment blocks near transport hubs and town centres in R3 medium density zones across the Six Cities Region. This will mean more housing within 10 minutes walk (800 m) from transport hubs, shops and amenities.
  • Encourage better uptake of low- and mid-rise housing where it is already permitted under the current rules by introducing new planning controls.

The aim of the changes is to increase housing supply across Greater Sydney, Hunter, Central Coast and the Illawarra regions. Follow the link to review the proposed changes here: Diverse and well-located homes | Planning (nsw.gov.au)

Element sees this as an exciting opportunity for landowners, developers, certifiers and councils to address the missing middle and deliver more diverse and affordable housing for NSW. Our own Lynne Sheridan and Haley Rich are well-positioned experts in this space with hands on experience in approval pathways for medium density housing options, having developed the Part 3B Low-Rise Housing Diversity Code. The Codes is a state-wide policy that allows the fast-track approval of dual occupancies, terrace houses and manor homes as complying development. 

We love the opportunity to work together to create win-win solutions.  Lynne and Haley will be offering a FREE 2hr online training session specifically focused on the complying development pathway for medium density housing. 

If you believe this would be a valuable session to navigate these opportunities in your local area please register your interest below.